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You are now at the homepage of quarter after, an online journal for art and its reasons.  Here at quarter after we are interested in art that pushes, or rather forcefully shoves, the boundaries.  If your art exudes thought, we want it.  We are looking for poetry, visual poetry, asemic writing, poetic statements, visual art (in all of its glorious forms) and art writing.  We strive to be a place for the thinking artist.

Our first issue will be published in March 2012.  We hope to have enough quality submissions by then to present a great issue.  quarter after will publish issues on a quarterly basis, while keeping a running archive so that our artists and audience will always have access to the great work that will appear in the journal.

Be sure to check out our submission guidelines under the “submit” tab.  Immediately following that, submit your work.

This is the first of endeavours from quarter after, there will be others in the not too distant future.  Be on the lookout.

All the Best in Creating,

Calvin Pennix

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