Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis: A Review of Hinge Trio


Hinge Trio

La Alameda Press

88 pages



In the vein of Georg Hegel Hinge Trio firmly sits.  Whichever you believe sits where, the work of Heller Levinson, Linda Lynch and Felino A. Soriano begs to be placed both in opposition and in harmony as they portray language as “alive, generative [and] reproductive.”  The work of each artist, put against the others, solves the conflict at hand about creation and discovery.

Reminiscent of Wu-Tang in its heyday, each voice is distinctly its own while melding into one another giving the work a harmony only achieved with some pre-meditation.  Each of the three artists carry equal weight in creating the whole, alas there would not be a whole withouth each’s distinct voice to compliment the other.

The final section of the collection, “with line(s),” brings the work to an effect close – and also happens to be the section I like best.  The connections displayed throughout the work are really magnified here; from the ordering to Soriano’s lines of, “clarity upholds stagnated statements supine logic often-reread / amid mind’s callus delineation of / am oracle’s disillusioned markings|” this section stands bold in the collection.

A masterful collection and a true exercise in creativity, Hinge Trio dazzles both poetically and visually.

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